For a Fella

For a Fella

Sometimes sassy, sometimes soulful, singer/songwriter Sophie Koorhan combines honest lyrics and a memorably rich, pop sound on a debut CD that compels you to listen again and again.

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Koorhan is quite good at painting a warm, fuzzy picture of a budding romance… much like Colbie Caillat

Alex Henderson

Sophie’s not just another pretty face, she’s got some life experience and can rock out with it. The album showcases the scope of Sophie’s talent at every turn. You see all sides of her personality and her songwriting and all in good timing.

Chris Frasco
  1. 1One Sided Love
  2. 2Frayed
  3. 3For a Fella
  4. 4Butter Knife
  5. 5Near Kiss
  6. 6Perfect Pair
  7. 7Thinking of Another
  8. 8Done Wrong
  9. 9Can't Go Through
  10. 10Girl No
  11. 11Supposed to Be
  12. 12Incredible